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About Brainsled (liner notes by Tim Biskup):
Brainsled was a necessity. In 1989 we were coming off of the high of releasing our first full-length LP, "Step In & Do A Certain Something", which was compiled from hours of tape recorded as far back as 1996. It was somewhat coherent in the traditional sense of having songs with titles and lyrics. The B-side got pretty out there with Kalaallit Nunaat 71º - 85º taking a spin into modern classical territory, but the whole thing seemed a little restrained. We still had hours of tape that we couldn't quite place within the format of an album or even a "song". It was these experiments that were the driving force for us to make music in the first place so it seemed a shame to let them flounder in obscurity. We decided to edit together a handful of those odds and ends and came up with the Bearded Horses single. Something about the jump-cuts and un-hinged energy were just what we needed to free our hands and open us to a new way of working. We set out to make Brainsled in the same spirit. The cassette format was perfect because it was cheap and we could make the sides long and sprawling. There was never a big picture of how the piece would be composed but we always thought about it as a single composition. If there are points of focus in Brainsled they would have to be the two long drone sections. One appears near the beginning of side A (of the vinyl version) and the other comprises the majority of side B with a reprise near the mid-section of side D. These sweeping walls of ambient sound represent a departure from the more light-hearted bend that informs the majority of Big Butter's music and are the inspiration for our Soundwitches side-project that emerged a few years later. Brainsled has endured as one of our favorite and most inspiring projects. We hope you enjoy it!


released December 20, 2012

All music C & P 1989-2012 by BIG BUTTER (Mike & Tim Biskup) except “Ukrainian Bell Carol” by Mykola Leontovych. Art by Tim. All rights reserved.

Played by Mike & Tim with Alan Richmond, Lynn Biancucci, Todd Arinaz and Stefan Henry-Biskup.

Thanks to those that helped with the original cassette release: Jad Fair, Ath. Moutsopoulos, Dave Schall, Tom Timony, and The Residents. Mastered by Pete Lyman.

Thanks to Money Mark for technical, spiritual and mechanical help and to all of those that pledged money to make this vinyl version possible.



all rights reserved


Big Butter Los Angeles, California

Mike and Tim Biskup started recording in 1986 at their family home in Clovis, California and began putting out a steady stream of homemade tapes and records. By the early 90s they had a small but dedicated following spread out worldwide and aided by their association with San Francisco experimental music legends The Residents and their label, Ralph Records. ... more

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